About Us

It all started with a simple blog post back in 2019, which gained enough traction on various websites that it seemed worthwhile pursuing. So, a Kickstarter was, well, started – but it never gathered enough momentum to get it across the line (and looking back, rightly so), and so everything got put on hold.

Then the pandemic happened, and I’m kind of glad the idea hadn’t taken off. I did however continue to get a trickle of messages and DMs asking what happened to LidLayer, and if there were any plans for the future…

Fast-forward a year or two, and I get the opportunity to go to a conference for work – the beautiful Objective by the Sea (ObtS), where I am surrounded by stickered MacBooks! The idea of LidLayer immediately pops back into my head, and I can’t help but take another look at it, to see if I can make it work (it must be good if I keep coming back to it, right?).

So, I managed to find a supplier who can accurately cut the LidLayers way more cost-effectively than I ever could, meaning I could finally bring this whole thing back to life. And, what that also means is that because the cost of producing these has gone down, I can pass that saving on to you! Win win win!